24 April 2008

Diapers, etc.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. There’s a ton of stuff to do around the house—especially now that I’m starting a new job on Monday. I’m contracting with Tanagram Partners, a small firm of “information artists.” (That’s an apt and fabulous descriptor for what they do.) This prep has also delayed the rollout of this site’s new design and back end—which might have to wait until a couple things are “Newforms Admin” is incorporated into the Django trunk.

Erica and I have also switched Zora’s daytime diapers. We’d been using disposables, with some sense of environmental guilt. It’s a new parent’s catch-22: If we use cloth diapers, we consume extra energy & water cleaning them; but if we add to the landfill problem with trash that won’t biodegrade.

Yesterday we received our first shipment of gDiapers, which have flushable or compostable liners. We had picked up some from the Clover, a “green” store in Batavia, on discount. (The store, alas, just went out of business. It was next to the Trader Joe’s, but ironically in a strip mall whose only real access was by car.) They’ve held up well with most of Zora’s regular daytime waste, though we’re doubtful they’d hold up overnight.

We have at least one remaining concern about them. In the next few weeks, Zora’s going to be in daycare part-time. Since they’re a bit messier than disposables, will childcare professionals be willing to use them?

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