26 November 2007

Dennis Hastert is out office in a few hours. He’s my representative. Later this week, I’ll be sharing a letter I received from him. Needless to say, he won’t be missed.

15 November 2007

Half of 1 of our 50 is missing!

Dear Onion: the infographic for this article is very funny, but not only in ways you intended. Unless, of course, the UP has decided to quit the US because of the campaign.

a funny (and inaccurate) map of the United States

11 November 2007

Cancel your Trib subscription

Listen to this clip from the latest On the Media. Our local paper’s policy regarding waterboarding is disgusting; almost as disgusting is Randy Weissman’s idiotic justification for the policy. (An aside: if “drowning” means death by submersion, why do we have useless phrases like “death by drowning”?)

Waterboarding is torture. The war crimes of the Bush administration are horrifying. Why do people like this insist on giving them a pass? I’m ashamed of our nation’s behavior—and our general ambivalence regarding this issue.

I’ve canceled our subscription to the Chicago Tribune. I hope you do, too—or at least let Mr. Weissman know what you think about his dissembling.

This is the archive for commonplace book entries that I published in November 2007.