14 October 2006

Apple: dénouement?

On Monday I got a white 2GHz white MacBook to replace my misbehaving iBook. Apple was kind enough to give me one with a Superdrive, which means I can bombard friends and family with Zora DVDs! The MacBook is substantially faster than my old iBook, and it has been an overall pleasant experience.

I still need to get a new AppleCare plan for the MacBook, but the folks at the Apple Store have assured me that I shouldn’t have a problem getting extended coverage for it—which, apparently, might be a good thing!

The other issue I’m facing: Apple recently issued a recall for certain iBook batteries. I filled out a replacement request before things got really bad with my iBook. On Thursday I received my replacement battery. But here’s the thing: Apple wants me to discharge my old battery before I send it to them: but I no longer have a computer that’s compatible with that battery—and Apple says in the fine print (which they didn’t disclose when I filled out the request):

If Apple confirms that service is covered but you fail to follow instructions on returning the part, you will be charged a non-return fee of $121.11.

It looks like I’ll be on the phone with Apple for two things today.

Update: According to AppleCare, I won’t have to figure out a way to discharge the battery. Hopefully the people in charge of the replacement program agree.

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