30 August 2006


I am an excited dad! On Monday evening, Erica and I brought home our first child, Zora Jean Schemper Vorhes. She arrived on Thursday, August 24, at 3:53 pm; weighed in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces; and was 22 inches long. (For any interested metric system users, that’s 3.6 kg and 55.88 cm.)

We’re excited to have her, and she certainly seems happy to have us. Check out Erica’s latest post for some great details!

A picture of Zora!

20 August 2006

First, happy 26th birthday to my sister, Kirstin!

Second—Kirstin, you might be getting a pretty awesome birthday present! Erica started having (very sporadic) contractions at around 2:00 this morning. The baby could well be on her way!—we’ve got 14 hours to make Kirstin’s dream a reality.

Update: Still no baby, but Erica’s dilating—this is good, since the baby could be here any day now!

7 August 2006

Today is countdown day (8-7-6); the next one will happen on September 8, 2007. There won’t be many more of these in our lifetimes, so celebrate well!

This is the archive for commonplace book entries that I published in August 2006.