Week 2: Advent Day 8

Luke 1:5-80

Stick with me and read through the story…it’s worth it. (But focus on Zechariah.)

It’s a story with layer after layer, question after question. But I’ll stick wiht one thread.

In the middle of all of these remarkable events, over and over, the SPirit comes upon people and they burst forth proclaiming and acclaiming what it is that God is doing.

Look at Zechariah: when he finds his voice back, it is to name, and then to proclaim and prophecy about what is happening.

In the middle of this season of waiting, are we moved by the Spirit to prophesy? (And I mean prophesy in the sense of pointing to what’s going on and explaining and interpreting it from the perspective of the Spirit.) Are we moved to explain what it happening?  Can we tell people what we are waiting for? Are we doing a good job of explaining it to a world that has grown so sick of waiting that it decorates in October, that retailers take over not just the holiday, but words like, “believe” “hope” and even “spirit”?

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