Pass me the Vienna Beef Dog, Please. I’m going to be sick.

OK, I’m trying not to be political. But, I just can’t leave this alone.

The former mayor of New York just noted, with scorn, that the current senator of Illinois of  “immersed himself in Chicago politics.”

Yes, I realize there is a Chicago political machine. I realize it is infamous. But, um, New York has its own bit of a machine, does it not?

I am offended, more as a Chicagoan, than I am from any particular political perspective.

Excuse me, I have to go watch “The Blues Brothers” and find my Cubs hat.

3 Responses to “Pass me the Vienna Beef Dog, Please. I’m going to be sick.”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I was totally offended by the degrading remarks about community organizing. Hmph.

  2. ppb Says:

    Da Bears.

  3. Meika Says:

    Yeah. I had to leave the room during that speech, too. What a condescending jerk.

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